The Value of Customer Experience in a Fulfillment Centre

For every shipping and logistics company, the order fulfillment process provides the most impact on a customer.  The delivery and unboxing experience determines how the customer will feel about your service and ultimately build loyalty to your brand.

Customer Care Representative at MFT Flfillment Centre
Customer Care Representative at MFT Flfillment Centre

So, how does the fulfillment process impact the customer experience?

When one is running an online business or shipping products, the order fulfillment process is one of the areas that should never be ignored or overlooked.  No matter how easy it is for shoppers to purchase on your website or how beautiful a product looks, the determining factor to growing your sales is the delivery experience.

Factors that drive a positive customer experience include fast shipping speeds, presentable and beautiful packaging, a pleasant handing over experience and a guarantee that the order is precise, intact and of quality.

It is important to build loyalty with your customer and partner base that will lead to repeat sales and the telling of a good brand story for your business.

What is Customer Experience?

This is how your customers ultimately feel about your business or service.  It is the impression a customer has about you from pick to pack to shipping.  A customer experience is the positive result of your order fulfillment journey.

This is how your customer was influenced from the time they visited your website, engaged with your brand on your social media platforms, purchased an item, checked out, and spoke to your customer service representatives.

The experience is a wholesome one that your business or brand must strive to achieve.

At MFT Fulfillment Centre, customer satisfaction is integral to our operations; we believe that a happy customer will always tell a good story about us and gives us a competitive advantage.

With the world heavily invested in the digital space, today’s online consumers are tech savvy and have high expectations. To be able to stand out from the competition, a fulfilling customer experience is your biggest bet.  An excellent order fulfillment process can transform the user experience and build brand loyalty.

To do this, MFT Fulfillment Centre provides it’s customers with an easy ordering process.  From the initial website conversation to the tele-conversation when the product is being delivered, we make sure the process is as simple and as smooth as possible.  If a customer is unable to place begin the fulfillment process with ease, they are likely to get irritated and stop engaging your brand. So, we make it as seamless as possible.

We also make sure to offer an honest and integrity filled process meaning the customer will not be met with hidden charges along the way thus resulting in abandoned carts, which studies have shown to give the highest bounce rates on order fulfillment platforms.

Another highlight of an efficient order fulfillment process is fast shipping speeds.  It is critical to minimize the shipping period as much as possible so that customers do not go to competitors who offer faster shipping durations.

A fulfillment company such as MFT Fulfillment Centre will make sure that your products are delivered on-time and damage-free.  However, with every delivery service, mistakes and accidents are bound to happen, and so we endeavor to be transparent about the order fulfillment process.  We do this by providing real time tracking solutions that give the customer visibility into our first and last mile delivery processes.  This transparency delivers a great customer experience and builds long-term brand loyalty!

To retain customers, a hassle free return process will make your customers your brand ambassadors.  This is because when you allow customer to return faulty goods and take time to explain the do’s and don’t’s, you build trust with the customer.

So, now that you are aware of the benefits of an efficient order fulfillment process, how can you make the change in your online business or in your shipping process?  MFT Fulfillment Centre is here to fulfill your orders.  Our services include:

  • Reliable global order fulfillment services.
  • Over 60,000 sq.ft of warehouse storage space across Africa.
  • Speedy shipping
  • End-to-end tracking throughout our entire fulfillment process
  • Customized packaging that offers a pleasant unboxing experience.
  • Exceptional customer service.

Say goodbye to inefficient, complex and frustrating shipping processes.  Say hello to simple, reliable and pleasant order fulfillment services from MFT Fulfillment Centre.

Ready to start fulfilling orders? Contact us today!

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