Understanding eCommerce Fulfillment in Africa

Whenever anyone mentions online shopping, the thought of easy shopping by just scrolling and checking out makes it exciting.  With the increase in online shopping and the ease of purchase of goods from any part of the world, the eCommerce industry has seen a steady rise.  People can now shop from websites, microsites, and from Facebook and Instagram social media platforms. 

However, the challenge arises when it comes to shipping and delivery, and the not so glamorous part of warehousing and distribution.

Warehousing, distribution and delivery are the backbone of the eCommerce industry, and yet these are most overlooked channels in the fulfillment channel.

This essential service of warehousing and distribution is heavily relied upon by both buyer and seller.  It involves moving the products from the online shopping carts, to the final real world destinations. 

So, why are warehousing and courier services essential to your eCommerce business?

With a proper warehouse facility, your online sales deliveries are garaunteed to happen faster.  This is because when a shopper purchases goods online, they expect delivery to happen seamlessly in the duration you have specified on your website or social media page.  Warehousing makes home and office deliveries faster, efficient and undisruptive.

For many online and remote retailers, dealing with the challenges of storage and shipment is an area outside of their expertise.  This is where fulfillment centers come in, because warehousing requires space, staff, and technical expertise in handling and managing goods for transit. 

When this critical area of your business is not functioning at high speed and with efficiency, delays and damages are likely to happen and this can be detrimental to your business. 

No matter how amazing your products are or how remarkable your website is and no matter how much customers love your products, if your warehousing isn’t run by people who have the expertise and resources to handle your product, your eCommerce business can never reach its full potential. 

Why choose MFT Fulfillment as your logistics partner?

With years of experience handling goods from all over the world, and with the facilities spread across Africa, we store and ship a wide array of brands and goods.  Our fulfillment services have contributed to the success of our retailer partners and online stores. 

At MFT Fulfillment Center, we work together with our retailers and partners to offer comprehensive support.  From intaking new inventories, to shipping, storage, picking and packing orders and handling returns, we provide the complete fulfillment experience to give our retailers ease of mind to focus on their core business.

As a logistics partner, MFT Fulfillment Center helps businesses save money by offering competitive shipping rates and ensuring faster delivery rates because we have efficient and professional courier services. With tailor-made delivery services in Africa, you can meet customer expectations better with an eCommerce logistics specialist such as MFT Fulfillment Services. 

MFT Fulfillment Center warehouses are the perfect base for your goods.  We manage more than 60,000 sq.ft  of warehouse facilities across our locations in Africa that provide added benefits of exemplary customer service, eco-friendly packaging, and superb fast and last mile delivery solutions. 

Working with us means your goods speeddily and securely get to their destination in any part of the region, you get access to large storage spaces, your products are safe, and your online retail store will be exposed to good brand stories.

As your on ground logistics partner, MFT Fulfillment Centre will fulfill your orders from Point A to Z, with the right eco-friendly packaging material, efficiency and speed. 

Thinking about working with a logistics provider that can store your goods in a safe and secure storage facility, ensure the delivery of your goods while saving you money, make your customer happy, and increase business flow?

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